5 Gadgets and Tech to Help Kids Sleep Better After a Stressful...

5 Gadgets and Tech to Help Kids Sleep Better After a Stressful Day

Cozyphones Kids Headphones

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Kids are very adorable and hyperactive. They seem to never get tired from their playful activities that involve running, chasing, hiding, jumping, and other fun activities they love to perform when hanging out with their friends and loved ones.

These activities are energy-zapping and will most times leave them exhausted at the end of the day. They tend to sleep better when they’ve had some good running around during the day and become worn out due to their exhaustive activities. However, sleep isn’t always guaranteed. Especially when the body has been put under so much stress. Kids aren’t exempted from this challenge.

These days Insomnia in kids has assumed a worrying dimension. That’s why your duty as parents is to do whatever it takes to overcome this challenge. We don’t want our kids to become unhealthy due to the poor sleeping habits and patterns they have developed over time.

Some gadgets and technologies can help kids sleep better and they aren’t expensive, considering the fact that we would be making such investments in our children to make their lives better. Having stated the important issues, these 5 gadgets, and tech are designed to help your kids sleep better.

1.   Cozyphones Kids Headphones

Cozyphones Kids HeadphonesCozyphones headphones for kids was created to help kids get relaxing sleep at night. They are perfect alternatives if you have kids that find it difficult to relax with traditional headphones, especially when they need to use them for a long time.

Traditional headphones can get uncomfortable at times, especially after long use. This challenge has been mitigated by Cozyphones, especially the headphones designed for kids. They come with high-quality extralong, tangle-free braided capable wires and volume-limiting speakers.

The headbands that come with Cozyphones headphones are very soft which makes them quite comfortable for kids to wear. The Speakers are limited to 90 dB, which makes them safe for kids because they wouldn’t damage their eardrums even at their loudest. If you love to travel a lot with your kids, not a problem.

Cozyphones kids headphones are foldable, comfortable, and easy to carry around. You can easily fit them in your suitcase or backpack. These headphones are quite stretchy and will stay in place, whether your kids are relaxing in an airplane or car seat, the Cozyphone will help them sleep better. They come in an exciting range of designs and colors, mimicking various cute animals.

If you are looking for cool, holiday tech gifts for kids, you should consider getting them Cozyphones kids’ headphones.

2.   Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine

Hatch Rest Baby Sound MachineThis amazing gadget comes with high-quality speakers as well as color-changing lights. They can be turned on and off, and controlled via programmed schedules using the phone app. These controls can also be done when you touch the metal ring on top of the gadget.

The sound machine that comes with this gadget features a decent collection of soothing sounds such as wind, ocean, rain, heartbeat, fan, and white noise. You can even expand your collection of soothing sounds using the Hatch Sleep membership.

The membership plan comes with decent add-on bedtime stories, lullabies, and other expert-curated sleep content.  It also features Smart Night Lights which offers some fun and entertainment to your kids. They come with a huge collection of custom-colored lights that help to illuminate and beautify your kid’s bedroom space at night.

The time-to-rise and time-for-bed is yet another feature that helps your kids know when to go to bed and when to wake up, thanks to their beautiful colors and sounds. All these features help to ensure your kids get the rest they deserve.


3.   Zazu Pam The Penguin Clock

Zazu Pam The Penguin Clock

This is another amazing gadget from the stables of Zazu, designed to help kids sleep at night with its host of features. It comes with a great nightlight pam and sleep trainer that help to improve your children’s sleeping habits. It does that effortlessly by letting them know when to sleep and when to wake up. It also features a color-changing display with different colors like Red light, which means it’s time to sleep.

The Orange light lets them know that they’ll be waking up in 30 minutes. The Green light means it’s time for them to wake up. These color lights will help to train your kids with good sleeping patterns. The Pam easily connects to your phone and be used as a wireless speaker, which you can use to play beautiful stories and lullabies to help kids sleep. Kids can also choose a variety of colors such as red, blue, pink, or turquoise. This amazing gadget will help your kids get the night rest they deserve.

4.   Smart Connect Deluxe Soother

Smart Connect Deluxe SootherAt times it can be very difficult to get your child to sleep. That’s why you’ll need to invest in gadgets and gizmos that will make your job a lot easier. This amazing product comes from the stables of Fisher-price and comes loaded with an array of exciting features, designed to make your child sleep better at night.

Some of these features include 3 sound options, with individual volumes control. The natural sounds, soothing music, and white noise all help to keep your child calm and relaxed in bed. It also comes with 3 lighting options starlight projection, soft amber night light, and soft amber projection.

The Smart connect deluxe soother also comes with an App that you can use to customize and control your desired sound and lighting. The buttons you see on the control panel are backlit, which makes it easier to see and operate in the dark. This is a perfect gadget designed to help your kids sleep better at night.

5.   Dowdow – Sleep Aid Device

Dowdow – Sleep Aid Device

The Dowdow is one unique sleeping aid that adopts a different strategy to help kids sleep better at night. It shines a special blue light on the ceiling at night and your kids are expected to look at it and time their breathing patterns in and out. Although younger kids may find some challenges in maintaining focus while at it, older kids will fare much better.

Unlike many sleeping aids, it adopts a natural approach to solving insomnia problems without the need to ingest pills. It comes with an 8-minute and 20-minute mode that you’ll need to tap twice respectively to activate. At the end of the operation or exercise, the device will turn off automatically. This sleeping aid is perfect for kids aged 6 and up.


Getting kids to sleep naturally can be very tough for most parents. Sometimes our kids can be too stressed to sleep properly at night. But with gadgets and technology, we could induce them to sleep naturally using sweet melodies and lullabies that can be played automatically by their sleeping aid. These sleeping aids also come with special glowing lights that shine beautifully at night, helping to create a soothing ambiance that is perfect for kids to feel more relaxed at night. Get any of these sleeping gadgets listed in this article and watch your kid’s sleeping pattern improved positively.