Top 10 Free Chatroom Apps for Android and iPhone Users

Top 10 Free Chatroom Apps for Android and iPhone Users

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Staying in touch has been made easier with chatroom apps. Technology has made communication seamless and efficient, thanks to the number of innovative chatroom apps that are being created on a daily basis. These apps offer a range of services and features that make communicating with people in distant places fun and exciting. You easily keep tabs on your friends and loved ones with a few clicks using these amazing apps.

Both Android and iOS feature lots of innovative chatroom apps and it can be confusing deciding which one to use. While there are many chat apps online, you need to consider some features before downloading them to your Android or iPhone. Does it allow flexibility, interactivity, and transfer of files? If yes, then it’s a good one. Below are some of the free chatroom apps you’ll find on both Android and iOS. Let’s get ai it!

1.   WhatsApp

Whatsapp free chating app

Ranked among the popular chatroom apps available on Android and iPhone, WhatsApp is a messaging platform that enables users to make calls, send messages, videos, and pictures. It’s free, easy to use, and is widely used by many people. The secure messaging app has numerous features that most users find appealing. There’s the WhatsApp web which is used on most browsers.

WhatsApp is the holy grail of social media platforms as it’s the most popular chat apps in the world. As of February 2020, it’s reported that about 2 billion people use this app. It allows end-to-end encryption for privacy and security.

2.    Skype

Skype free chatting appBoasting a cross-platform functionality, Skype enables you to start a conversation on a laptop while continuing it on the phone. This social app has been in existence for years, and it doesn’t seem to be phasing out anytime soon. Compatible with landlines, this app allows file-sharing while on a live call. 

Skype offers both paid and free versions. With the free version, you can initiate a conference call of about 25 persons. Regardless of the mobile competition, this app has continued to stay relevant to date. Increase your business reach by having one of the international digital numbers.

3.    Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger free chating appHaving over 1.3 billion users, Facebook has been able to clinch a spot as one of the world’s most popular chat apps. With an easy-to-use interface, you can chat and call seamlessly through the platform. From stickers to emojis, there are several features on the app. Recently, a video chat feature that accommodates up to 50 persons was added to the tons of features. Connect on the go with loved ones through interactive features. You can play games with your friends, share media files and flight details via third-party apps.

4.   Telegram

Telegram free chatting appWith over 500 million monthly users, Telegram is also another chat app available on both Androids and iPhones. The cloud-based app supports end-to-end encrypted calls (voice and video) and optional secret chat functions. From sending videos to messages, GIFs, pictures, and make calls, there’s a lot you can do with this app. Compared to WhatsApp, Telegram allows a file-sharing capacity of 2GB. In January 2021, Telegram was named the most downloadable app worldwide. The free app enables users to connect to thousands of people at the same time. Telegram group chats can have up to 200,000 members, compared to other social apps. The instant-messaging app is ads-free and is supported on various platforms.


5.   WeChat

Wechat free chatting appHaving over a billion users, WeChat is a renowned social media app with many features. Through the app, you can share your location, send broadcast messages, perform other social media functions and mobile payment capacities. Users can send instant or multimedia messages, make video and voice calls. You can chat with 500 persons at the same time. Like WhatsApp status, WeChat has a time capsule feature that allows you to upload video messages that disappear 24 hours later. Want to make new friends? Features such as “People Nearby,” “Shake,” and “Friend Radar” help you connect with people closeby.To register on WeChat, you can make use of your phone number or Facebook login details.

6.    Viber

Viber free chatting appThough it’s not as popular as Skype and WhatsApp, Viber can boast of 1 billion users in 193 countries. While the free version allows video and voice chats and sharing media files, the paid version (premium) enables you to make international and domestic calls at low rates. The app allows you to send encrypted messages to about 250 members of a group chat. Viber uses dark mode, has short story features called Shorts which last for a given period, and a create-your-own-GIF feature that enables you to convert your video chats into GIFs.

7.    Snapchat

snapchat free chatting appPopularized by celebrities, Snapchat captures moments in real-time. It gained recognition among the younger generations. Though it’s not as popular as Facebook and WhatsApp, the app allows fleeting messages shared with friends and followers. These snaps or messages will disappear after a while. Snapchat can also be used for video chatting and voice calls. The social app is a pioneer app that allows the use of fun filters on images. The app can be utilized by businesses to send promotions to their customers. It’s a great marketing tool for brands. With Snapchat Stories, you can share your daily activities with customers and followers.

8.    Google Hangouts

Google Hangout free chatting appThis app was initially developed as a feature on Google+. Hangouts incorporate features from Google Talk and Google Messenger. You’ll need to have a Gmail account, use Google browsers or available mobile apps to use this service. Chats are usually saved to the cloud. You can send pictures to your loved ones via charts. These pictures are often saved to private Google+ albums. Users can chat with ten persons at once. You can send GIFS and share your location with other users. To use this app on Android, users must install Google Hangouts and Hangout Dialler apps to make international calls. To live- stream events, you will need to use YouTube.

9.   Line

Line free chatting appPopular among the Asians, Line boasts over 600 million users. Like Facebook, it has a timeline system where users and followers get to comment on your posts. The app includes other features like Line Games, Line Pay, Line Taxi, and Line Today. Through this app, you can play games with friends, make transactions, hail a cab, and read the latest news.

10.    Kik

Kik free chatting apKik is a free instant messaging app available on both Android and iPhones. Unlike other applications where you have to register using a phone number, a username is all that’s needed to chat on Kik. Initially, the app was created as a music-sharing app before it transitioned into a messaging app. Popular among teenagers, the app has an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface which makes chatting and playing games so much fun.


While there are several chat room apps online, the above are the most popular ones. Ensure the app you choose meets your requirements. Whether you use Android or iPhone, you will find the right Chatroom App from the top 10 we have listed above. Which app do you prefer for chatting? Drop your comment below. We’ll love to read!