5 Cool, Educational, Fun Toys and Gadgets for Kids Aged 8 to...

5 Cool, Educational, Fun Toys and Gadgets for Kids Aged 8 to 14 years

Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit for Kids

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Education toys and gadgets provide kids a perfect opportunity to live their fantasies, exploit their creative potential and learn something valuable that will be beneficial to them in the future. Kids that are exposed to educational toys and gadgets at an early age mentally develop faster than their peers lacking such exposure. We always want to give our kids the best form of education and training we can afford so they can grow to add value to any society they find themselves and better their lives in the long run.

These educational toys and gadgets help kids learn effortlessly while keeping them entertained and excited all through their learning activities. Some of these entertaining activities involve the use of blocks, dough, and construction sets. These can help to lay a solid engineering foundation for young kids hoping to become civil engineers and other types of scientists in the future. Having stated the obvious, these are 5 cool educational toys and gadgets for kids aged 8 to 14 years.

1.   Rock the Top – Rock Collection & Mystery Boxes

Rock the Top – Rock Collection & Mystery Boxes

As we stated in the opening paragraph of this article, kids love to exploit their creative potential as well as live their fantasies. If there is one educational toy or gadget that can help them achieve this objective, it will be the Rock the Top toy kit. It was created with the sole aim of building discovery and exploratory skillsets in kids.

It comes with a collection of special miner tools that include a sifter, brush, magnifying glass and field guide your kids can use to dig up high-quality gems, crystal stones, and fossils.

Apart from their involvement in the physical aspect of this game, they also get to spend quality time reading about the precious gems and crystals they dug. This provides a huge opportunity for kids to learn about precious gems, crystals, and fossils that actually exist in reality. If your kids are home-schooled, this amazing toy can serve as a valuable resource for earth science and geology lessons.

Main features

  • Full-color learning guide
  • High-quality mystery crystals
  • Miner’s tools and bag
  • 25+ attractive gemstones

2.   Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit for Kids

Einstein Box Science Experiment Kit for KidsEveryone knows who the famous Albert Einstein was. For those that don’t, he was a famous physicist known for his groundbreaking inventions in the world of Physics. How about building the next Einstein in your kids? I’m sure most parents will want to see their kids excel in science and technology.

The Einstein Box Science experiment is definitely among the best in the world if you are looking for quality early-learning subscription boxes. When you inculcate the art of learning in your kids at an early age, they can grow to become whomever they want to be. There are lots of experiments kids can do with this kit; some of which include Learning about chemical reactions (Fizzy Magic Potion), the viscosity of liquids (Underwater Volcano), how gas is released (Magic balloons), and many more. These sets of experiments will help to give your kids a solid foundation in chemistry and science in general.

Main Features

  • Polymer science experiments
  • Explosive science
  • Soap science
  • Color and crystal science


3.   Veatree Educational Magnetic Building Sticks Block Toys

Veatree Educational Magnetic Building Sticks Block ToysThis is another amazing educational gadget and toy kit kids can use to improve their creative potential. The sticks in this toy kit can be attached to magnetic balls, and you can then join them together, thanks to the magnetic fields in the balls. The magnetic field within these sticks and balls lets kids create different shapes and patterns as their imaginations can carry, letting them have fun while improving their creative potential.

Some of the benefits of getting your kid the Veatree Educational Magnetic Building stick include cultivating your kid’s emotional and stable EQ, improving their coordination ability, boosting their intelligence quotients, and many more. It’s such a highly educative toy kit and gadget that provide opportunities to help kids develop mentally.

Main Features

  • 66 Steel balls
  • 140 Magnetic Bars
  • 1 Storage bag
  • 1 Manual

4.   ThinkFun Gravity Maze

This is yet another impressive fun toy and gadget that was designed for boys and girls aged 8 and up. It’s a very powerful, mentally demanding game that will help build your kid’s problem-solving skills and thinking. It comes with 60 challenges that consist of difficulty levels ranging from beginner to expert.

If you’d love to improve your child’s puzzle-solving ability, then the ThinkFun Gravity Maze is your best bet. It comes with self-explanatory instruction manuals and a high-quality Gravity Maze. Like all educational toys, the ThinkFun Gravity Maze was developed to build the planning and critical thinking skills in kids, while connecting it to the STEM aspect of education.

Main Features

  • 60 challenges (Beginning to expert)
  • High-quality instruction materials
  • 1 Game Grid
  • 10 gravity maze towers
  • 3 stainless steel marbles

5.   Rechargeable Game Activity Cube

ThinkFun Gravity Maze

This Gaming gadget for kids offers kids the ability to have fun while learning a lot of things about the Galaxy. It comes in a 9-in-one package with lots of exciting, educative, and high-adrenaline challenges. It’s guaranteed to keep your kids entertained for lots of hours, especially when you all are traveling on long trips.

When get the Galaxy game activity cube, your kids will be able to challenge themselves, their speed, their thinking capabilities, their ability to memorize details and information, their friends, as well as test other capabilities. It’s an exciting gadget to own and will make a perfect gift for kids between the ages of 8 and 14.


When it comes to getting the best from your kids and children in general, educative gadgets and toys play a vital role. They help to simplify the learning process to the tiniest bits and pieces whilst doing that in a fun and exciting environment. Kids get easily bored, especially when you are using the traditional approach to making them learn. Try to be innovative in your approach to educating kids by employing the use of educative gadgets and games. Lots of toys and gadgets for children adopt the STEM approach toward learning. It’s more effective for kids to embrace STEM if it is done using toys and gadgets they care about. Get any of these listed gadgets and watch the creative and mental capacity reach their highest potential.