15 Best Gadgets For Music Production In 2023

15 Best Gadgets For Music Production In 2023

best music gadget for music production

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Technology is vital in every industry in the world today. Every industry uses tech to evolve; the same goes for the music industry.

Music is not just an activity that people engage in when bored. It’s more than that; it’s a lifestyle. That’s why the global music market is worth over $26 billion US dollars. Thanks to great technology, musicians have produced some of their best works for the world to enjoy. These songs won’t be possible without the Best Gadgets for Music Production.

Thanks to technology, there are various electronic gadgets for listening to music on the go. However, these songs are created by music production gadgets. Without these production gadgets, there will be no music today. Despite the heavy-duty production equipment in the studio, there are essential gadgets for music production that every musician and producer can use from the comfort of their homes.

Music production is a multi-billion dollar industry and professional equipment are quite expensive to acquire. But with musical gadgets, you may not need to cough out huge sums of money to get standard music production equipment. Some of these musical gadgets can be used for lots of musical production tasks and operations. In this article, we will be looking at the 15 Best Gadgets For Music Production In 2023.

Top 15 Best Gadgets for Music Production

The following music production gadgets will help you produce music with ease from the comfort of your home.

1.   Arturia Minilab MKII

Arturia Minilab MKII

The Arturia Minilab MKII is an exceptional feature controller that helps music producers gain complete physical control of their virtual studio. This gadget is very dear to music producers. It is one of the best gifts for musicians in 2023. The gadget has essential controller features like the 16 rotary encoders, dual capacity strips, eight RGB pressure-sensitive pads, and 25 keys. Another exciting aspect of this device is that it comes with a software package and 5000 analog sounds which makes it one of the best music gadgets 2023.

2.   Scarlett 212 Studio (Gen 3)

Scarlett 212 Studio (Gen 3)

The Scarlett 212 Studio is one of the best audio gadgets that have provided an all-in-one recording solution for musicians. The Scarlett 212 Studio is an essential gadget for music producers just starting. This gadget is accompanied by necessary features such as cable wires, CM25 MkIII condenser microphone, USB audio interface, and HP60 MkIII enclosed headphones.

This gadget is very straightforward and effective when making quick music. To make the process smoother, the Scarlett 212 Studio also comes with various sounds, plugins, and recording software.

3.   VMS Virtual Microphone

VMS Virtual Microphone

The VMS Virtual microphone is an innovative hybrid microphone with a preamp system. A microphone as high-tech as this gadget is one of the best music gadget gifts one can buy for a friend who is into music. The VMS Virtual microphone includes preamp modeling software, 2 vintage preamp emulation, and an ML-1 mic. You should also know that VMS Virtual microphone comes in various models. It all depends on whether you prefer a modern ultra-fidelity condenser or one with a coveted tube. This gadget is amongst some of the best music gadgets on amazon platforms out for sales to their esteemed customers.

4.   Microphone Isolation Shield

Microphone Isolation Shield

With the help of a Microphone isolation shield, you can easily reduce the background sound, thereby helping you create a more precise vocal and musical recording. This essential gadget comprises a folding diffusion shell incorporated with foam that helps with sound absorption. A microphone stand is attached to it to help it stand firmly to accommodate your microphone.

5.   TR-8S Rhythm Performer

TR-8S Rhythm Performer

The TR-8S Rhythm Performer is undoubtedly one of the best gadgets for music production on this list. It is a perfect drum gadget that combines its renowned heritage with the new innovative music production capacity for beat making. You can create your perfect beat from the comfort of your home or studio with this great TR drum gadget. One of the most exciting aspects of this gadget is that it comes in various circuited models that range from 606, 707, 727, 808, 909, and lots more.


6.   Zoom H6 Recorder

Zoom H6 Recorder

Another essential and innovative gadget to grace our list of best gadgets for music production is the Zoom H6 Recorder. This gadget is an innovative six-track recorder that does a perfect job of capturing high-quality audio. This recorder is versatile for every musician out there. It comes with a complete onboard microphone preamps and  4 XLR/TRS combo units. It also has two different mics known as the Mid side stereo and X/Y mics.

7.   IsoAcoustics Monitor Stand

IsoAcoustics Monitor Stand

These essential music production stands are great for improving your monitoring precision. The acoustic isolation is well enhanced and with excellent sound clarity thanks to the specially made design of this gadget. They have various capabilities such as tilt variations and 14 heights to ensure that your monitors are well placed for proper focusing. Also, this gadget has various series that can support various types of monitors and their sizes. They can even support a subwoofer where possible.

8.   Komplete Control A-Series Keyboard

Komplete Control A-Series Keyboard

If you are looking for one of the best music production gadgets with a very streamlined structure, the Komplete Control A-Series Keyboard is exactly what you need. This music production gadget features a smart play feature, integration with your preferred DAW, OLED display, and an NI keybed. The gadget also comes with contents of up to 13 GB and over 6700 sounds. They are also available in 3 sizes which are the 49, 61, and 25 keys.

9.   Roli Songmaker

Roli Songmaker

The Roli Songmaker kit is just the ideal gadget with everything you require to make good music. You can create music with this device with the help of Roli’s innovative touch-responsive surfaces. This essential gadget features a loop block, light pad block M and seaboard block. There are also various sounds and various software tools available for this gadget.

10.   Yamaha HS Studio Monitor

Yamaha HS Studio Monitor

The Yamaha HS Studio Monitor has become one of the highest standards in the industry when it comes to signature sound. They are one of the best you’ll ever come across, and they give you the exact sound preference you require. What’s great about this gadget is that they come in different sizes. You can always buy the one that suits your preference. All Yamaha series monitors also come with a subwoofer.

11.   Big Knob Passive

Are you looking to get a suitable monitor controller for your private studio sections at home? The Big Knob Passive is one of the best and most convenient monitor controllers you’ll ever find. You can do a lot with this gadget; for instance, select 2 studio monitor pairs or 2 audio sources. There’s also a big Knob in the middle of the gadget that enables you to control the volume to your preferred level while mixing. There are also other user-friendly buttons on the gadget, such as the Dim, Mute, and Mono buttons.

12.   Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators

The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are small portable gadgets that can be used to make music anytime, anywhere. The portable size makes it fit into your pocket. It means that you can carry it with you anywhere you go. The fascinating aspect of the gadget is that it comes with various instrumental features. These features include noise percussion, drum machine, lead synthesizers, bass, and lots more. You’ll be glad you added this music production gadget to your list of best gadgets for music production.

13.   Ableton Push 2

The Ableton Push 2 can work with the Ableton live in a seamless manner. This gadget is an essential controller that supplies every requirement for making music to the Ableton live. Some of the features of this device include a touch strip, endless encoders, 64 pressure-sensitive pads, a high-resolution display, and lots of other innovative features. You can use your hands in controlling this device to create music in live 10 without the need for a computer.

14.   Maschine Mikro

This gadget is one of the best compact controllers in the industry. You can use this gadget to create various beats, soundtracks, melodies, and lots more. The Maschine Mikro also includes various instruments you can utilize to create beats. You can also utilize the effects and sounds during your music production. It also uses drum synth and sampling as part of its production tools.

15.   MPK Mini Keyboard Controller

The MPK mini is available in a limited edition. The finishing is in all white with colored keys that are reversed. This high-quality compact keyboard controller is ideal for performing artists and workstation producers who want to keep their setup simple. It comes with 25 keys with velocity sensitivity, a 4 directional thumbstick, 8 illuminated pads with velocity sensitivity, and 8 designated knobs to customize your music production experience. In addition, the MPK mini comes pre-loaded with a set of software for music production and virtual instruments, allowing you to start making music right away.

Final Thoughts

Starting your music production journey can be challenging when you don’t have what it takes to help you enjoy your musical experience. Getting the right gadgets are vital to your success. There are so many music productions gadgets on the market. So we have carefully compiled the list of the 15 Best Gadgets For Music Production In 2023. It is a guide to help you start your music production career with a blast. We hope that after going through this article, you will know the exact music production gadgets to purchase.