5 Best Mobile Apps for Car Owners who are Gadget lovers

5 Best Mobile Apps for Car Owners who are Gadget lovers


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Technology is fast becoming the mainstay of almost every facet of human endeavor and the automobile industry isn’t left out in the race to become fully technology driven. Nowadays cars have become a sort of extension of people’s homes and offices as they spend most times on the road managing their homes and businesses from the comfort of their air-conditioned vehicles on-the-go. Mobile app developers are cashing in on the fact that people spend more time in their cars these days by creating mobile apps geared towards making the lives of these busy, technology-savvy car owners stress-free. Some of these mobile apps help to improve commute times and safety of vehicle occupants as well as manage the maintenance of vehicles.

1.      Waze

 Waze App

If you are looking for an app to help you navigate seamlessly through gridlocks and traffic jams, then Waze should be your go-to mobile app. The information and data shared on the Waze app are made up of the contributions of other drivers and road users. This helps to provide real-time updates on road hazards, accidents and traffic jams within their vicinity. You can even get updates on the location of law enforcement agents within your neighborhood, which can be helpful at times in order to avoid unnecessary tickets and problems. The real-time updates and features of the Waze app put it a cut above its contemporaries.

2.      Autodoc

Autodoc app 

Autodoc is a mobile app created to assist car owners to procure quality spare parts from the comfort of their homes, offices and even cars, all in one place. This amazing app was developed by www.autodoc.co.uk to make car parts shopping a seamless experience for vehicle owners. Vehicle owners can quickly search for their much-needed parts in a single platform and make effortless payments to procure them. You can be sure that all auto replacement part featured on this site are original and will perform as expected. There are up to 15 payment methods which car owners can use to effect payment. This flexibility makes vehicle spare part shopping enjoyable and effective.


3.     Drivemode

Drivemode app

Many car owners and gadget lovers can’t do without smartphones even if it’s for an hour. That’s because these smart gadgets help to manage almost every aspect of their daily lives. This app hand’s free voice feature lets you reply to family and friends messages easily without having to worry about the type of app they are using to communicate with you. Drivemode also comes with a quick search bar that allows users to navigate within seconds with taps and voice search. It also comes with a Bluetooth feature that helps to improve your interaction between your smartphone gadgets and your car. You can’t go wrong with Drivemode as it packs all the features designed to make your life stress-free.

4.       AutoCare

Autocare app

We all know that cars can be enjoyable to ride if they in good working condition. If you fail to do the right thing or carry out the proper, regular maintenance your car needs, it will give you hell and heartaches. At times we forget to keep regular car maintenance appointments with our mechanics and this omission can mostly be attributed to our busy schedules and work activities. To help car owners keep appointments with mechanics and maintain vehicles as required, the Autocare app was created to make this process easy. The Autocare app will provide charts, record car service history and set reminders when your car needs to be serviced as scheduled. This apps organizational capabilities help car owners take their minds off their vehicle’s needs when they aren’t due for servicing, allowing them to concentrate on more productive activities.

5.      Carcorder

Carcoder app

If you looking for an app to record and document the activities within your car, then Carcorder should be on your bucket list. There lots of dashcams out there but Carcorder seems to stand out among its contemporaries. This app can even notify you when you exceed the speed limit within your locality or highway. This can be helpful so you don’t break local laws and avoid speed ticket fines. This app has augmented reality to keep you informed and educated about your surroundings. You can track locations and record your trips easily which is helpful as the recordings can serve as evidence in the court of law or even help you out if you are involved in an accident. Carcorder is definitely an essential mobile app for modern-day car owners and gadget lovers.


Mobile apps for vehicles play a vital role in navigation, safety and maintenance of vehicles. They can help to ensure we stay safe while driving with their amazing features geared keep our eyes focused on the road. Vehicle maintenance and part replacement shouldn’t be herculean as users can be reminded about service history and schedules. Navigation is seamless as users are mostly provided with real-time updates so they can avoid busy routes and gridlocks as well as locate their destinations easily. If you are a gadget lover and vehicle enthusiast, then you should consider downloading and using any of the apps listed above.