5 Best Backpacks for Tech Enthusiasts and Gadgets Lovers 2023

5 Best Backpacks for Tech Enthusiasts and Gadgets Lovers 2023

Peak Design Everyday Backpack

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The rise of modern gadgets and technology has given birth to many technological solutions that are making life for many people much easier to live. Some of these amazing tech and gadgets include Smartwatches, Smartphones, tablets, health trackers, laptops, GPS instruments, fitness gadgets, cameras, portable power banks, and many more. All these tech devices and gadgets can be difficult for many people to move around, especially when you lack the right backpack and transportation gear.

Backpacks are used to easily carry around small luggage and gear, however, you’ll need to choose the right backpack so all your portable gadgets and gear will remain organized even after a stressful journey. You should consider all-in-one backpacks specially designed for tech enthusiasts as well as gadget lovers. These backpacks let you safely store and transport your precious devices anywhere you want, thanks to their padded compartments and security features.

Nevertheless, you’ll need to consider a few things before making up your mind to purchase any backpack for your gadgets and mobile digital devices. Some of these things are:

  • Padded Pockets

When you need to transport special or sensitive gadgets and gear, you should opt for an all-in-one backpack with padded pockets. These padded pockets will help to keep your equipment and gadgets safe.

  • Multiple compartments

As a gadget and tech enthusiast, you know that you’ll be moving around with lots of stuff and gadgets. These multiple compartments will help you organize, store and access your precious gadgets and gears easily without breaking a sweat.

  • Waterproof materials and features

Backpacks with waterproof materials and features will help to protect your gear more effectively from unexpected rain or an accidental drop in a water body. So you’ll need to look for a backpack with decent waterproof features and materials.

  • Anti-theft Security features

Most gadgets and tech equipment are pricey and very easy to steal. That’s why you need to invest in a backpack with security features that can help to prevent theft or unauthorized use.

  • Padded Carry Straps

Straps provide a wide range of use and flexibility for different people. Gadgets and tech devices can get very heavy for most people to carry around. That’s why you should consider getting backpacks that have padded carry straps to make it easy to move heavy gear around.

With that said, these are the 5 Best Backpacks for tech enthusiasts and gadget lovers

1.   Peak Design Everyday Backpack

Peak Design Everyday BackpackYou if love photography and videography, you’ll find The Peak Design Everyday Backpack very valuable to your hobby or business. This amazing backpack comes with an expandable design that can contain about 20 liters of storage capacity for your digital cameras, including up to 4 lenses. It also features three Flexfold dividers that help to store and protect important, sensitive gadgets and accessories like drones, lenses, and cameras.

This Backpack also comes with a laptop sleeve that can store laptops of various sizes up to 16 inches. It also has waterproof features, thanks to its 400D nylon canvas shell. This will help to keep your precious gadgets safe.

Main features

  • Dual zippers for easy access
  • Waterproof zippers for protection of sensitive equipment
  • Flexfold dividers for gadget and gear organization

2.   Korin Design Flexpack Pro Anti-theft Travel Backpack

Korin Design Flexpack Pro Anti-theft Travel Backpack

When looking for effective, efficient, and high-quality backpacks to move your gadgets and gear, the Korin Design Flexpack Pro Anti-theft Travel Backpack should be on your bucket list. If you need a backpack that lets you store a laptop up to 15.6 inches in size and tablets up to 10 inches in size, this backpack will fulfill that need. It also comes with an integrated pouch and bottom storage that serves as additional space for other gadgets.

This backpack also comes with a USB 2.0 charging port that lets you charge your mobile gadgets on the go, and you can view your charging status through its water-resistant LED light indicators. This backpack can also support up to 50kg of luggage. It also comes with strong safety features such as triple anti-theft protection and a retractable steel wire lock.

Basic features

  • Hidden combination lock
  • Insulation storage and side pockets for organization
  • Upgraded padded structure for protection of sensitive gadgets


3.   XD Design Bobby XL 17” Anti-theft Gadget Backpack

XD Design Bobby XL 17” Anti-theft Gadget Backpack

This backpack makes our list because of its impressive features and affordability. The security features included in this backpack design are quite impressive and it includes hidden pockets, hidden zippers, an anti-theft design, protective layers, and a cut-proof protection board.

If you need to carry a Laptop and tablet, the XD Design Bobby Anti-theft gadget backpack got you covered. Its laptop compartment can support a laptop with a size of up to 17 inches, and the tablet compartment can contain a tablet with a size of up to 9.7 inches.

This laptop backpack also features a USB 2.0 port you can use to charge your favorite gadgets on the go. The water-resistant polyester fabric provides your stored equipment and gadget with decent protection from rainfall.

Basic features

  • Integrated USB charging port
  • Protective layers and anti-shock foam for gadget protection
  • No-access front for equipment and gadget security

4.   PGYTECH OneMo Tech Backpack

PGYTECH OneMo Tech BackpackIf you are a photography and drone enthusiast, you’ll get a great deal by getting this amazing backpack. First and foremost, it’s an all-in-one backpack designed for all weather conditions. Thanks to its water-resistant design, you can use this backpack to carry sensitive equipment, most especially during rain or if you are hiking in a swampy terrain with lots of water bodies and pockets. It also comes with several pockets you use to keep your tech luggage organized.

The PGYTECH OneMo Tech Backpack also comes with decent security features such as an anti-theft compartment or RFID security pocket and lockable zippers. It also features a customizable compartment you can use to reconfigure the backpack’s internal space according to your needs. It can also be used as a sling bag, thanks to its design as well as separate shoulder straps. These and many more features make the PGYTECH OneMo Tech Backpack an excellent choice.

Main features

  • Foldable dividers to make customization easy
  • Tear and scratch-resistant polyester material
  • 25-liter storage capacity

5.   Duo 20 Liter Camera Backpack

Duo 20 Liter Camera Backpack

This backpack isn’t strictly for photography enthusiasts and professionals as the name suggests, other gadget and tech users will also find this backpack valuable. It comes with a decent 20-liter capacity that lets users store different gadget items like cameras, camera lenses, cords and cables, clothes, a 15-inch laptop, and a hard drive. It also comes with a versatile cube you can use to store your camera as well as separate it from other important components.

There are hidden compartments you can use to hide important documents and items such as credit cards, passports, certificates, and many other important documents. The infinite Zipper access is yet another amazing feature of this backpack because it let you insert and take out sensitive equipment without scratching. These and many more features make acquiring this backpack a great addition.


All the backpacks mentioned above offer gadgets and tech lovers lots of options and capabilities to store and carry their important equipment. If you are a tech enthusiast, gadget lover, or journalist that loves to travel and move around, the recommendations in this guide will help you make the right choice. Protect that special gadget and gear you love by getting any o