5 Best Video Game Consoles and Gadgets to Purchase for Friends and...

5 Best Video Game Consoles and Gadgets to Purchase for Friends and family

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There was never a better time to follow the trends and see the best video game consoles and gadgets rocking the gaming world than now. This year, there are lots of new gaming gadgets and consoles to choose from. However, one thing is certain; you’ll not be out of options when choosing any of the 5 best video game consoles and gadgets rocking our planet.

If you want to purchase something tech related for friends and family, there are a few gift ideas to consider. Video games are perfectly suitable for youngsters but may not make a great gift for old folks.

This article was created to cater for the needs of young people who are looking for various ways to catch fun and pass time. Video games and gadgets are cool and would make great gifts for young buddies. Having stated the obvious facts, these are 5 video game consoles and gadgets to purchase for friends and family:

PlayStation 4

Playstation 4 Gaming console

This video is one of the world’s best video game consoles and was released a few years back. Sony paid lots of attention to social gaming by improving on the interactive features of the previous version. The new controller has a feature that allows players to share scores with friends around the globe by allowing them to invite each other via the online platform. This system helps to create healthy competition and rivalry amongst loyal fans of the PlayStation 4 community across the globe. You can also meet and interact with new people via the online gaming platform.


XBox one gaming console

Despite some problems discovered after its launch, the Xbox One still remains one of the best video game consoles out there. The Xbox One is more potent and faster than the Xbox 360, and it solved the overheating problems previously seen on its older brother. The controller has a redesigned D-pad, which is more sensitive. It comes with only one wireless controller, but it supports up to 8 of them. The game library, with many exclusive titles, is also an important factor to consider when making a choice to purchase the Xbox one.


Ozobot coding robot

The Ozobot is a perfect gadget for kids. This gadget is a robotic playmate that can track lines and follow a specific path and can also read colors on a line. This can be a great learning and fun experience for the kids. Besides the creativity and strategic skills, this robot also teaches and develops deductive reasoning and code language through the different games that one can play in it. The Ozobot coding robot is one the coolest gaming, useful gadgets you can use to introduce young minds to coding and programming.

Oculus Rift

Occulus Rift gadget

This is one of the coolest virtual reality gadgets ever invented. This is a virtual reality headset that is aimed entirely at the gaming world. The technology is getting better, and soon we will be able to play our favorite games with it. Imagine the experience of being able to participate in the gaming world by becoming your favorite character to save the day. Interesting! Isn’t it?

Google Glass

Google Glass Gadget

Much was talked about it, but many of us didn’t have the chance to see the wonderful things it had to offer. There are lots of great, amazing things on the way for the Google Glass, now that Google has launched games that allow you to use all the cool features that it has to offer.


These are certainly some of the very best video game consoles and gadgets to purchase for friends and family. In the years to come, more and more exciting video game consoles and gadgets are expected the gaming world by storm. New video gaming consoles and gadgets are being unveiled all the time, and if you blink, you may just miss the party. But you can keep tabs on the latest development in the gaming world by checking your favorite gaming forums and following our website, so you don’t miss a thing.