11 Best Tech Gifts and Gadgets Under 100 Dollars

11 Best Tech Gifts and Gadgets Under 100 Dollars

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Cool tech gadgets do not have to come at exorbitant prices. There are unbelievably affordable tech gifts and gadgets that would cost you less than 100 dollars and offer great value for money.

The variety of cool tech gifts you can get under 100 dollars ranges from smart speakers and mini tablets to earbuds and smartwatches. Sticking to a $100 budget when thinking of gifting a loved one a cool tech accessory doesn’t mean you have to stick to gift cards or inferior products.

In fact, some of the best tech gifts under 100 dollars that we have listed here are from leading companies including Apple and Amazon. These cool tech gadgets also have raving reviews on online shopping platforms. And we are confident you will love any of the listed tech gadgets.

Let’s dive into the topic and leave you to make your choice.

1.   Amazon EchoAmazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a brilliant gift you could buy for just anyone irrespective of age or personal inclinations. The Echo is powered by Amazon’s intelligent AI voice assistant, Alexa. The voice assistant can answer generic questions like weather and games, and play music from your devices or the Internet.

Amazon Echo isn’t the only smart speaker that qualifies as the best 100 dollar tech gift. If you or your friend isn’t a lover of the Amazon ecosystem, you may want to look at the next item on our list.

2.   Google Nest Audio

Google Nest AudioThanks to its Google Assistant and YouTube integration, the Google Nest Audio is one of the best tech gadgets under $100 for playing music and entertaining oneself.

This cool tech gift gives your giftee the freedom to explore the multitude of content on YouTube using voice control. More interestingly, the Nest Audio is compatible with some of the best smart platforms including Samsung and Philips.

This under $100 tech gift can also be used as a smart DJ tool. It is the absolute gift for entertainment inclined folks.

3.   Fitbit Inspire 2

Fitbit Inspire 2Fitbit products are highly regarded as market leaders in the exercise tech accessories segment. The Fitbit Inspire 2 doesn’t disappoint at all. It has so many features to make you think working out is more fun than stress.

For instance, it can track fitness metrics such as heart rate. Fitbit Inspire 2 has many features that are similar to the Apple Watch series. However, this tech gift is less expensive and is under $100.

4.   Philips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

The Philips Hue smart light bulbs take you through a journey. You dictate this journey, though. The bulbs are smart appliances that can be controlled with an app or intelligent voice assistants and smart speakers like the Amazon Echo / Alexa.

You can set the light to change at certain times, turn them off using your smart speaker, or dim it with the same voice assistant. The days of using electrical switches are over. This would be a practical cool tech gift for seniors.

Included in this starter kit is a hub that helps you connect and control the smart light bulbs without the use of any external voice assistant. With the smart button, your giftee can switch on the bulbs without extra wiring needed.


5.   Amazon Kindle

Amazon KindleAmazon Kindle isn’t your everyday tech gift. Since you wouldn’t want to buy a gift for someone who doesn’t use it at all or doesn’t even appreciate it, Kindle is best purchased as a cool tech gift for people you know would love it.

This is a great under 100 dollars tech gadget for writers, readers, and book lovers. The Kindle is a digital representation of a library that can contain thousands of ebooks. This is an incredible mobile library for bookworms no matter the age.

Also, the fact that Kindle lacks apps as you would find on other tablets like the Apple iPad means your giftee can stay focused while reading.

6.   Apple HomePod Mini

Apple HomePod MiniIf there was no $100 tag on this article, we would have recommended the original Apple HomePod. It is such a beautiful and versatile smart speaker that it is almost impossible to go wrong purchasing it for anyone.

However, since the Apple HomePod costs more than $100 (around 350 dollars), you will still have utmost satisfaction with the Apple HomePod Mini.

This cool tech gift, like other Apple products, is specially built for the Apple ecosystem. It is a great smart speaker for music lovers. At under $100 dollars, this is one of the best tech gadgets that give you access to 21st century sound entertainment.

If your giftee likes portable tech gadgets, the HomePod Mini is a strong recommendation.

7.   Ember Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Ember Temperature Control Ceramic MugIt is 2021, everything (work inclusive) has gone high-tech. These days, you come across brilliant technologies everywhere you look. While many of these technologies can be pointless, this is not.

This smart mug from Ember is such a beautiful cool tech gadget. And at less than 100 dollars, it is one of those tech gadgets you want to gift to a special person.

With this mug, you can keep your coffee at the optimum temperature. Coffee will never burn your tongue again. The smart mug uses an app in conjunction with an intelligent heating coaster to help decide the temperature level you want your drink to be each time.

8.   Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Streaming Stick+Roku streaming sticks are undoubtedly the very best streaming hubs in the business. Like Amazon Kindle, gifting Roku streaming stick to anyone implies that you are confident the giftee actually streams content. Else, you should look at other options.

That said, the Stick+ is quite affordable and far lower than the 100 dollar threshold. This item can help you stream movies and TV shows from all the big streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video, and a lot more.

While the Stick+ should be good enough for your streaming needs, we understand that you might want a more powerful, more immersive streaming experience. If that is true, you should move on to the next item on our list.

9.   Roku Ultra

The Roku Ultra shares many similarities with Roku Streaming Stick+ such as being an under $100 tech gadget and its ability to stream movies and TV shows from all the big streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO Max, and Amazon Prime Video.

Nonetheless, the Ultra takes the game higher than that. This is an exquisite 4k streaming device. Its intuitive user interface gives it an edge over other products in its category.

The Roku Ultra brings such functions as voice control, 4k playback, and simple remote that can easily transform your LED TV into a smart media hub.

Unlike its younger cousin Roku Streaming Stick+ above, the Ultra includes Bluetooth functionality, Dolby Vision capabilities that enhance greater HDR performance, and a dedicated USB port enabling external playback.

The Roku Ultra packs much more than the Stick+. However, both tech gadgets are under 100 dollars.

10.   Amazon Echo Dot

At only $50, Amazon Echo is an easily affordable smart speaker that can also double as a voice assistant whenever you want. This gadget is primarily designed for newbies in the smart speaker market.

It is an ideal gift if your giftee hasn’t used a smart speaker before. Otherwise, you should pick another gadget from the ones listed above. The original Echo listed as the first cool tech gift on our list is ideal if the recipient has something similar to the Echo Dot.

That said, the Echo Dot still offers great value for money thanks to its Alexa integration which generally has a fast response rate compared to its competitors. While the Dot isn’t anywhere close to the other smart speakers you will find on our list like the Apple HomePod Mini, it is loud enough to fill a room.

Also, it has a price point that is almost half of what others cost. You should purchase this as a cool tech gift if you are thinking of reducing the $100 budget while not greatly compromising on the quality of the gift.

11.   Shine Bathroom Assistant

This is an automatic domestic assistant that can clean your toilet. This practical tech gift will take the strenuous task of toilet cleaning off your shoulders and do a better job than you imagine.

The last thing you want to experience on a Sunday evening is unpleasant smells and broken pipes. This is why you need the Shine Automatic Toilet Cleaner. It is a home automation tool that will shine your bathroom without chemicals.

This gadget is also greatly effective against bacteria and can be controlled by voice assistants such as Google Assistant or your smartphone.


Now that you have gotten our recommendation of some of the best gadgets and tech gifts that cost at least $100 or less, making informed decisions on which gadget and tech you can purchase for yourself and your loved ones should at least a lot easier.